Who is Hiddink's 👔 ideal player✌❓

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Guus Hiddink👔 has named Mikel Obi as his 'ideal player'✌🏼 to command and bring balance to the team's midfield. Mikel has been a starter in all 3⃣ games overseen by Hiddink👔 which is more encouraging than the 5⃣ he managed under Mou👔 in all competions earlier this season. Hiddink👔 believes Mikel Obi is the key to stabilizing his midfield to help in the revival of the team's🔵 fortunes. "He is my ideal player option, one of the key figures of the team's🔵 revival." He ended by explaining that the Nigeria international reads🙌🏾 the game well and assesses the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents in order to exploit which to him is the hallmark of a quality player.

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