Is the stethoscope dead⁉

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Having served the world for 200 years since its invention by French physician Rene Laennec in 1816, Jagat Narula, leading 🇺🇸US-Indian🇮🇳 cardiologist❤ and associate dean at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital🏥, New York declared "the stethoscope is dead😕". The widespread use of echocardiograms📠 and the development of pocket-size ultrasound devices📟 are making old apparatus obsolete. And hand-held ultrasound devices which generate real-time images of the heart❤ perform much better. Some say that stethoscopes are still useful for listening👂 to lungs and bowels for clues of disease, but agree that they’re superfluous for cardiovascular problems. Researchers examined🔎 500+ physicians in training on how they interpreted stethoscope information and found that they “had a disturbingly low📉 identification rate for 12 important and commonly encountered cardiac events😰.” Nevertheless, some still doubt the accuracy of ultrasound devices📟 and believe much improvement is needed before a transition can take place.

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