Messi clashes😤 with Ref‼

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There was a clash😤 between Messi💫 and the referee who oversaw the match between Barcelona🔷 and Espanyol, Jose Luis Gonzalez Gonzalez. During one point in the game, the referee threatened😠 the Barca star he wasn't going to let him get away with anything to which Messi💫 responded, "There you go again, just like the other day." The referee also oversaw the controversial😳 match between Real Madrid and Real Sociedad which resulted in questionable decisions all in favour of Real Madrid including 2⃣ dubious penalties. The Real Sociedad officials even voiced out their frustrations😤 by stating that Jose Luis just came to 'steal' from them. Perhaps that is where Messi's💫 criticisms stems from.

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