Mexican mayor💁🏻 🔫shot 2nd day on the job‼

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On Saturday, the mayor of Temixo, Mexico, Gisela Mota💁🏻, 33, was beaten and then shot🔫 in the head by 4⃣ gunmen at her home, just one day after she took office. The assassins tried to escape in a van🚐 but were chased by the police who killed 2⃣ of them while the other 2 were taken into custody. Several Mexican mayors were killed🔫 last year by armed gangs in the drug 💊trade. Mota was also the first female💁🏻 mayor of Temixco, Mexico’s 4⃣th largest city, located 60 miles south of Mexico City. Morelos state Governor Graco Ramirez said, Mota was a “young and beloved 😞companion," but said he would not be intimidated 😤by her death.” Ramirez regarding the suspects he said, "We will not return to before. There will be no❌ impunity."

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