Microsoft Selfie💁🏻 app for iPhone📱

  |   Tech News

Microsoft has just released a new selfie💁🏻 app for iPhone, unimaginatively named “Microsoft Selfie” (a subtler version of Lumia Selfie for Windows phones) which is designed for better colour 🔰balance, skin tone👦🏽👦🏼 and lighting 💡for image sharing. Microsoft Selfie appears to be using machine learning similar to the software they released back April which would guess your age 👴🏽based on a photo. The app takes "age, gender, skin tone, lighting, and many other variables into account" to better portraits💁🏻 with "intelligent💡 enhancements." It has 13 filter options which remove image noise🔇 and make other improvements. It also adds a distinct flavor to the photo in line with names like "1965" and "BlueDawn🔵." And even a compare button to see the difference in the edited one from the original

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