Modi's✌ ‘5⃣-Es’ for scientific research👓

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On Sunday, PM Modi✌ told scientists👓 to focus on the ‘5⃣-Es’ — economy, environment, energy, empathy and equity & called for better collaboration between central and state institutions🏤, in his inaugural address at the Indian🇮🇳 Science Congress at Mysore. The 5⃣-E’s are explained as, ‘Economy’📈: cost-effective and efficient solutions; ‘Environment’🌳: protecting the ecology; ‘Energy’⚡: using clean and green energy to keep the carbon footprint low; ‘Empathy’:❤ to attune efforts with culture, circumstances and social challenges and ‘Equity’💰: when science improves the welfare of the weakest. He added that the Centre will make it easier to do scientific research & administration in India🇮🇳 and increase resources in accordance with priorities.

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