🇮🇳 students🎓 in USA🇺🇸 deported overpart-time jobs😳

  |   India News

Panic stricken students😨 in the US are giving up their 'illegal' part time jobs after US authorities👮 started a crackdown on the foreign students at US universities🏤. Many have already been deported and students🎓 have started carrying fee receipts, university letters📃 and other documents to avoid being sent back. After the Paris attacks💥 , there are stringent checks on the foreign student🎓 community in the 🇺🇸 USA and many students who worked part time jobs without legally being able to do so have been deported😳. "Students are being scrutinized heavily now. Authorities👮 are even going back to universities🏤 and checking on student attendance and many students have left their jobs", says P. Anilkumar, Director of an educational consultancy firm.

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