Rwanda vote President in till 2034‼

  |   Ghana News

Paul Kagame🤓 has accepted to run for a 3⃣rd presidential term after a referendum approved👍🏾 constitutional changes to the current terms of office. This change could see Mr. Kagame🤓 stay in power until 2034😳. The results from the referendum clearly👌🏼 indicated that Rwandans want Mr. Kagame to continue✌🏼 to lead the country after his current term ends in 2017. Mr Kagame has been politically vibrant in Rwanda since his rebel army👮🏽 ended the 1994 genocide. The results allows the president to run for a 3⃣rd 7⃣-year term in 2017 and another 2⃣ 5⃣-year terms. In an acceptance speech📄 on new year's day, Mr. Kagame assured👍🏾 that, "You have voted me to lead the country and considering the importance you attach to it, I accept👍🏾."

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