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Modi✌: Integrate🔀 yoga with medicine💊

On Sunday, PM Modi✌ asked to integrate yoga and traditional Indian🇮🇳 medicine within the health care system for all in 🇮🇳 and rest of the 🌍 to bridge the gap between the various systems of medicine. He said, “ as our understanding of its (modern medicine’s) limitation and its side effects⚠ have …

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Modi's✌ ‘5⃣-Es’ for scientific research👓

On Sunday, PM Modi✌ told scientists👓 to focus on the ‘5⃣-Es’ — economy, environment, energy, empathy and equity & called for better collaboration between central and state institutions🏤, in his inaugural address at the Indian🇮🇳 Science Congress at Mysore. The 5⃣-E’s are explained as, ‘Economy’📈: cost-effective and efficient solutions …

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Breaking📰 Massive earthquake in Manipur

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake has struck North East India. It's epicentre was 33km north-west of Imphal, the capital of Manipur. Effects were felt all over north east India, as well as Myanmar and Bangladesh. The quake struck at 4:35am IST. Duta will update news as we receive it …

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