🇮🇳 to lead✌ developing nations at WTO ❗

  |   India News

🇮🇳 plans to play a leadership role✌ at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiations to boost the trade prospects💵 of the developing and poor nations. In order to forge strong💪 alliances, the Govt is planning to hold a series of “strategy workshops” of stakeholders, inter-ministerial and Centre-state discussions👥 in addition to summits💬 with African countries and other developing country groups. Plans are in place for a visit✈ to Kenya and other developing African nations by PM Modi to boost ties, according to a high level source🔊 in the govt. The move comes in the wake of criticism😠 by the Opposition and civil society groups that the government had failed👎 to protect the interests of 🇮🇳 and the developing world at the Ministerial Conference of WTO in Nairobi last month.

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