Beckham's proposal for CR7‼

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David Beckham is set to bring in one marquee⭐ signing when plans are completed for his franchise to take off👍 in the MLS🏼. Beckham has been given approval👍🏼 for his MLS franchise and as such acquired land for the stadium. He has always made it clear🙌🏼 he would want some big names⭐ in his franchise once it launches in 2⃣ years and has put in place, a 2⃣year offer for his friend Cristiano Ronaldo⭐. Reports📰 claimed last year that the Real Madrid star⭐ intends to retire in his favourite city, Miami, in what will be a positive👍🏼 sign for Beckham. Ronaldo’s contract with Madrid runs out in 2018, which coincides with the launch of Miami United.🙌🏼

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