Exposed😱: Another 'low' CR7 obsession uncovered‼

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Ronaldo's⭐ obssesion with Bale's record transfer fee💰 has been revealed. Over the course of last year, relationship between the 2⃣ has reportedly been bad😁 with Ronaldo😏 refusing to celebrate on some occasions when Bale scored. A reputed football journalist has now claimed that Real Madrid are so keen on keeping Ronaldo happy😊 that they tell reporters🎙 not to mention Bale's record transfer fee💰 in any high-profile interview📰. He also revealed that Real Madrid requested that he omit the transfer fee💰 from his article📰 since it upset Ronaldo to see that someone cost more than him😳. Asked if he included the fee💰 in his published article📰, Jonathan responded; "No."👎🏽

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