Did Modi cause Pathankot💥❓

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The Pathankot attacks💥 which took place days after PM Modi's 'fly-by'✈ visit to Lahore has put a serious spot light😨 on the India-Pakistan peace talks. Most experts are of the opinion that the attack should not hamper the peace process👍. Former Army chief👮 General V P Malik described the attack as “minor” and said🔊 it was unlikely to disrupt the dialogue process. He also said that such attacks are planned months in advance😳 and might not have been a direct result of Modi's visit to Pak. Happymon Jacob, Associate Professor at JNU said🔊 that the talks💬 should continue through formal and back channels. Yaqoob Khan Bangash (History professor🎓 from Lahore) says both Govts should accept that a group do not want peace between 🇮🇳-🇵🇰 but should continue the dialogue.

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