Super GPS coming soon❓

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Project Tango💃 was first introduced in 2014 and uses a combination of cameras 📷 and sensors 📟to figure out its location in 3D making it possible to create 3D indoor maps when the ‘mapper’ walks🚶 about an area. Lenovo may make an announcement📢 about Project Tango💃, which may come in the form of a phone📱, at the 2016 Consumer Electronics⚡ Show (CES) on Thursday, as per a teaser which says, "Mobile📱 devices should see and navigate the world🌍, the way we do." Last year, G👀gle unveiled a tablet development kit using Project Tango, last year, but was too expensive for the average consumer with a 💲1024 price tag. The device uses a 4MP rear 📷, a 180 degree fish-eye👁 lens, a front camera with a 120 degree field of vision, and a depth 📷shooting in 180 x 320.

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