Pathankot💥: Punjab Cop👮 Innocent or Accomplice❓

  |   India News

Police Superintendent👮 Salwinder Singh, travelling with two other men following a visit to a shrine near the border with Pakistan was abducted by the Pathankot attackers☠ on the night of Dec 31st. He was let off by the attackers who went on to kill 7 security men and injured another 20 in a deadly attack☠. There were inconsistencies in his reports📝 of the matter to the authorities but the SP says it is because the abductors blindfolded him and it was dark😳. He says that they initially did not know he was a police officer👮 but when they realised later on took away his mobile phones📱 and threatened him not to alert the police👮 before taking away his car🚗 which was later found near the base. Salwinder Singh managed to free himself and then reported📞 the matter to his seniors but he was not taken seriously as he had a not so clean record according to a senior police official👮.

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