🇮🇳's most generous MP, Tendulkar⁉

MPs are usually mocked for not utilizing funds💰 for the betterment of the society. As per recent findings, Sachin😎 has been recognised as a top 📈performer, as almost 98% of his funds under the MP Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) have been allocated. He recently donated ₹50 lakhs💰 to a special-needs school🏫 in Ahmednagar’s Sangamner taluka, Maharashtra, which needed funds for construction⛏ and student scholarships📜 for its deaf and mute pupils. He has already assigned funds for relief in TN🌊 and J&K, and the rehabilitation of a bridge🌉 and school in Uttarakhand and invested heavily in building public toilets in Mumbai🌃, and schools in remote villages in Maharashtra and WB. His largest contribution has been to Puttamraju Kandriga, AP, a village that he adopted and provided them with water💧, electricity⚡, roads and sanitation🚽.

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