Deepika Padukone

Anushka had as good a year as Deepika ✌️

Anushka Sharma is one tough cookie 🍪 who has no problem in speaking 📢 her mind out. She spoke up about gender related issues and Anushka had only one thing to say 🔊, "If you want it, earn it. Don't complaint"✌️. Anushka has a good year in 2015 starting with her film 🎥 "PK …

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Ranveer to sweep up all the awards ❓

Ranveer Singh is basking in the glory of his performance in 🎥 "Bajirao Mastani". It is not surprising that actress Sonakshi Sinha feels that the Ranveer is going to sweep all the awards 🏆 this year. She said 🔊, " I think Ranveer in Bajirao was something else. I have no words for it …

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