F1 Buzz💬: Alfa Romeo, 'Ideal' Hamilton and more ❗

  • Though Rosberg complained publicly😠 in 2015 that Hamilton is a driver who is selfish minded, he has now clarified that he sees Hamilton as an ideal team mate😳 and wouldn't want anybody else as a partner✌. Quite a turnaround↩, that.
  • Rosberg has also asked his struggling😕 former team McLaren-Honda to …
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Real Batmobile❗️ Meet FFZERO1

Move over, Tesla Motors, there's a new luxury electric ♻️vehicle 🏎 maker in town! EV startup Faraday Future finally revealed its long awaited concept car on Monday at a CES press event - and it does not disappoint‼️

The FFZERO1 is a race car caliber🏁, 1,000 horsepower dream that goes from …

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