'Clean' Facebook launched ❗️

  |   Ghana News

Oseey yeeee👯, Christians in Ghana and beyond can now go on Facebook📱 without any fear of being exposed indecent content😱 from 9⃣th January this year. A web application developed by a Ghanaian Christian organization, LoveRealm, will be the 1⃣st in the country to provide a social medial platform📱 free from ‘unchristian’ content. Social networks these days are filled with indecent content😳 which is disturbing to young Christians but this new platform will ensure that God🙏🏻 is the Focus of its users. Christians are being invited🤗 in their numbers to try out the app📱 in a pre-launch event at the Pentecost Convention Center. The app📱 offers a platform for believers to connect both in Ghana and abroad. One thing that sets the app apart from others is the fact that users can either pour their hearts💔 out there and/ or find solace and solution🤗.

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