😱 Woman tries exit ✈️ mid-air❗️

  |   Ghana News

A woman👩🏻 went bananas😱 and threatened to kill herself according to terrified eyewitnesses. She fought😠 off crew members and other people who tried to hold her back. This bizarre incident😳 occurred on board a Beijing Capital Airlines jet✈ commuting form Hunan Province to Hainan. A passenger💁🏼 who describe this woman as a daredevil👹 said it wasn’t an easy job calming the woman down and was relieved sharp objects were banned from flights. A crew member explained that the said woman got up to do something at the door😳 but was immediately stopped. The woman and the other passengers who engaged her in attempts to stop her were arrested when the plane landed. They have been detained and will be charged with endangering public safety although their identities are yet to be disclosed😷.

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