Zidane confirmed as Madrid's new Coach👔

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Zinedine "Zizou" Zidane👔 has been promoted from his Castilla role to take over as first team head coach👔 of Real Madrid. A press conference🎙 was held by Florentino Perez👔 yesterday to announce the sacking of Rafa Benitez😁, although the news💬 broke hours earlier, and to reveal that Zizou👔 will replace him at the helm. He lauded👏🏽 the professionalism and personality of Benitez👔 and thanked👍🏾 him for his commitment. Fiorentino Perez revealed that there was no one better placed to take over than Zidane👔 because he knows what it means to lead the squad, he has an excellent👌🏼 relationship with the players, and has previously occupied the assistant manager👔 position. "I know for Zidane, the word impossible does not exist."👏🏽, he remarked.

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