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The "Bigg Boss 9" finale is inching closer and tensions in the house are building up ⬆ as equations are rapidly changing 😶. Everyone is doing what they need to do to survive 🔫. The Tasks are getting tougher with the stakes being very high ⤴️. The contestants were given a sand task where each contestant was given a container full of sand and the objective was for them to keep their containers full till the end of the task; the catch, however, is that their containers can be attacked 👊 by anyone. The 3⃣ contestants who win this task make it to the finale 🔝. With everyone wanting to win the game got rough and violent 🙈. Priya twisted Mandana and Rochelle's arm, Kishwer was seen plotting with her enemies Rishabh and Priya 😳, Mandana was targeted during the game and she slyly broke Rochelle's container and blamed it on Rishabh 😑 and everyone has been ruthlessly attacking everyone else. Well looks like Sallu 💪 Bhai needs to give them his dose. 👌

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