Bomb 💣 blasts near 🇮🇳 consulate in Kabul❗

  |   India News

On Tuesday, a magnetic💢 bomb💣 was attached to a car🚗 which exploded in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, in an area with many foreign embassies🏤 and government buildings. There were no known casualties. The blast comes after 2⃣ suicide💀 attacks hit Kabul on Monday, causing several casualties🤕. Since the beginning of the year, Afghanistan has seen 4⃣ bomb attacks, terrorists targeted the Indian🇮🇳 consulates in Mazar-e-Sharif On Saturday and Jalalabad on Tuesday. These attacks💥 coincide with efforts to renew the peace talks with the Taliban▪ which broke down in July. A meeting between Afghan, Pakistani🇵🇰, Chinese🇨🇳 and U.S.🇺🇸 officials is planned in Islamabad next week to discuss the situation.

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