Can CM Yadav save 🏞 the Yamuna❓

  |   India News

On Tuesday, activists✊ and environmentalists🌳 urged UP CM Akhilesh Yadav and presented him with a memo📄 to take immediate steps to save the Yamuna River🏞. The memo arranges for the dredging of the river bed, release of water💦 from Okhla dam and construction of a barrage on Yamuna🏞 downstream of the Taj Mahal🕌. They reminded Yadav that the health of the Taj🕌 was dependent upon the Yamuna. Despite SC orders, dhobies and the dairies nearby have not yet been shifted, it asks that river police👮 squads be activated to ensure no one pollutes the river. CM Yadav has been busy promoting UP’s tourism, and the industry has welcomed the initiative, but what happens to the Yamuna🏞 remains to be seen.

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