Odd/Even: Delhi🌆 pollution 📉 down❗

  |   India News

Delhi’s🌆 pollution went off the charts 📈on 23 Dec 2015, safety limits PM 2.5 and PM 10 were at 60 and 100 respectively. Around Anand Vihar metro station it was a toxic☣ 524 and 853. After implementing the even/odd formula road traffic🚗🚕🚙 eased up, as did pollution, further motivating the people to move forward with the plan for the betterment of their children👯. As of Tuesday, PM 2.5 at 15:00 hrs in Anand Vihar has gone down from 🔽 534 to 375, PM 10 is down🔽 from 853 to 491. Although not in the safe zone✅, it’s proof that things are changing. However, there are reports that autos are charging higher fares💰, some families have worsened things by buying a new car✨🚗✨, and local buses and metros were packed. The even/odd formula may not be the method Delhiites deserve, but it certainly is the one they need.

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