Formula E to rival F1🏁 ❓

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Formula E, the world's first fully electric⚡ racing series is capturing the attention of fans quite a bit these days, though it is not as fast or as loud as it's big brother - the F1🏁. So, lets have a look at how F1 differs from Formula E.
The budget - F1 cars are multi million dollar💰 machines, with a season costing close to 💰$44m while for Formula E. it's capped at 💰$3.5m.
The technical regulations🔧 in Formula E is much stricter which means, there isn't much difference between the teams, leading to unpredictable battles unlike F1🏁 where bigger teams invariably dominate.
The electric cars⚡ do not make as much noise as their petrol counterparts - they do not roarrr😳 !! Also they are slower than the F1 cars, but Sebastian Buemi who has driven in both F1 nd Formula E says there isnt much difference in driving them👍.
While an F1🏁 race lasts over 3 days with qualification, practice and race, in Formula E, all these are scheduled in one day which means the fans need to shell out a sum💰 which is considerably lower than F1 tickets. (💰$18 to $150)

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