CES 2016: LG’s rollable➰display 🖥

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CES ’16 will have LG showcase their 30-R 18-inch rollable➰ concept display🖥 which they claim can be rolled up like a newspaper🗞❗ It comes with an HD-class resolution of 1200x810 pixels and a flexible〰 OLED panel. LG has also introduced its 65” and 77” UHD OLED TVs which have HDR functionality with perfect black⚫ and enhanced luminance💡. LG also has a 55” TV 🖥design concept which is as thin as a paper and doesn’t include circuits✳. They will also reveal its "Art Slim" and "Borderless" technology via a 65” UHD TV🖥 which reduces power consumption up to 35%. They also announced a 25” curved LCD panel meant to be used in car🚗 interiors and a 10.3” "Advanced In-Cell Touch" LCD for drivers which are operable with gloves🖐🏻 on.

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