Sharif: firm on terrorism☠❓

  |   PM Modi News / India News

On Tuesday, Pak🇵🇰 PM Sharif assured 🇮🇳 that he would take "prompt and decisive action" against the terrorists☠ behind the Pathankot attack. PM Modi✌ received a call from PM Sharif on Tuesday afternoon. As per the PMO, during the call Modi✌ emphasized the need for Pak🇵🇰 to take firm action😠 against the terrorists as "specific and actionable information in this regard has been provided to Pakistan." Sharif assured PM Modi✌ that Pak would do so. Pak’s🇵🇰 Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, "We understand the pain😩 of many families who have lost their dear ones in this tragedy, as Pakistan itself is a major victim of terrorism.☠" There are hopes that the consequences of the attacks should be minimal in the upcoming Indo-Pak🇵🇰 meetings.

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