“Pakistanian” 🤔, now what's that❓❗

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DC Comics’📚 recent release – Superman/Wonderwoman Annual #⃣2⃣ – seems to be a decent comic except for one glaring 😳 issue. Khaver Siddiqi’s picture on social media points👉 it out. Just like people in Mexico don’t speak 😂“Mexican” (they speak Spanish) and those from Argentina don’t speak 😜“Argentinian” (they too speak Spanish), Pakistanis don’t speak “Pakistanian”… they speak “Urdu”. Siddiqi says💬, “It makes it all the more funny that they decided to set the scene⛰ in a place even I, as a Pakistani, had to look up🔎 on Google. But they couldn’t perform a simple G👀gle search for the language.” FYI people from China🇨🇳 don’t actually speak “Chinese”, it’s (usually) Mandarin or Cantonese, and a host of other languages just like in India🇮🇳 (where we don’t speak “Indian”, but you knew that... I hope)

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