Twitter🐦: no more 140 character limit👍

  |   Tech News

In a move to make itself more appealing✨ to a user-base accustomed to Facebook👤, Twitter seems ready to loosen its age-old restriction 🚫 on the length of “tweets.” On Tuesday, co-founder & CEO👔, Jack Dorsey, said that the website may increase🔼 its character limit from 140 to as many as 10K❗ He indicated that Twitter is searching for ways to give more expression to people👥 without polluting it with “gasbags” like image-texts. A bigger unrestricted audience would draw in more revenues💰 and in turn gain a decent profit for the first time in 1.5 years when its growth had slowed down. Dorsey co-founded Twitter in 2006 and imposed🚫 a 140-character limit so the service would be easy to use on phones📱 that had 160-character limits on texts 🔟 years ago, but now have faded away.

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