UK🇬🇧 to Ban 🚫Donald Trump❓

  |   India News

The British🇬🇧 Parliament has scheduled a live-stream📹 debate on 18 Jan as to whether they should bar🚫 US presidential candidate Donald Trump from entering the UK🇬🇧, after he called for a pause to Muslim☪ immigration in the US🇺🇸. This is in response to an online petition 📝submitted to the Parliament🏤 which says that Britain’s 'unacceptable behaviour' should be fairly applied to the ‘rich💰 as well as the poor, and the weak as well as powerful💪.’ Having won 600K signatures✍ (well beyond the 🔟K required to elicit a response and the 💯K required for a parliamentary debate), the move could endanger Trump’s business developments in the UK🇬🇧. However, the British govt. said that they have “a policy of not routinely commenting on individual immigration or exclusion cases.”

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