World’s🌍 first ‘slum🏚 museum' in Mumbai🌃.

  |   India News

At the initiative of Spanish artist, Jorge Rubio, Mumbai🌃 – home of the “Slumdog Millionaire💰”– will now also have the world’s🌍 very first “slum🏚 museum” called 'Design Museum Dharavi.’ The small mobile museum will showcase some of the objects🏺 created in Dharavi & will open in Feb for 2⃣ months displaying pottery⚱, textiles & recycled♻ items. The organisers say they want to challenge pereptions of slums🏚 by focusing on the creativity💡 that’s within. Home to about a million people, Dharavi has many mini-factories🏭 producing an array of goods. Gaining popularity after "Slumdog Millionaire", Dharavi has become a tourist attraction😎, even Prince Charles👑 praised its methods of recycling and called it a role-model for sustainable living.

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