Zidane 👔 reassures 😠 Bale

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Rumours💬 emerged after Benitez's👔 sacking that Bale was unhappy😠 with the board's decision and as a result was considering his future with Los Blancos. It was believed that he was considering a move away from Real Madrid because of the great relationship👌🏻 he formed with the Ex-Madrid manager but newly appointed manager, Zidane👔, has offered his support and assured👍🏻 him of his place in the starting line up. "I understand Bale is upset but I will give the same support and affection as Rafa did." He explained his importance🙌🏻 to the team and to his future plans for the him highlighting his qualities and professionalism🙌🏻. He concluded by dismissing the comparisons being made between Guardiola and himself and insisted he is different.

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