A black hole🕳 that expels gas❓💨

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Evidence of a large black hole🕳 about 26 M light years from 🌍 has been found by Nasa’s Chandra X-ray Observatory🔭 due to noticeable blasts of gasses💨 believed to be produced by it. Astronomers🔭 found the black hole🕳 centred in the small galaxy 🎆NGC 5195 which is a companion galaxy and is merging with a large spiral galaxy🌀 NGC 5194, AKA "The Whirlpool", which may have triggered the outbursts💥. It’s one of the nearest super massive black holes🕳 that is currently undergoing such violent outbursts. Eric Schlegel, University of Texas, said, “For an analogy, astronomers🔭 often refer to black holes as 'eating' stars💫 and gas. Apparently, black holes🕳 can also burp after their meal. It is common for big black holes to expel gas💨 outward, but rare to have such a close, resolved view of these events.”

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