Controversy😳: Suarez strikes again‼

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Barcelona🔷 striker, Luis Alberto Suarez⭐, could face disciplinary action🚫 after causing a brawl😤 between the Espanyol and Barcelona🔷 players after the match in the tunnel. Controversy never seems to be too far away from Suarez😁 and he has been suspended on 4⃣ occasions for indiscipline during the course of his career. One could advocate for Suarez though since the opposition player, Diop, instigated 😤 him. During a fiercely 😠 contested match, Diop insulted Suarez's mother😱. This resulted in a sending off for Diop, but apparently, Suarez was not satisfied with the disciplinary action and confronted😠 Diop after the match. "This provoked a confrontation😤 between players of both teams and it took the intervention of security guards and coaches 👔 to separate them.

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