Enrique👔: It's football⚽ not American football🏈

  |   Football / La Liga / FA Cup / EPL / ISL / UEFA

After a heated Copa del Rey match between Barcelona and Espanyol, Barca coach Enrique👔 opined that the match referee lost control😁 of the match and could not put the Espanyol players in check✋🏻 for their aggression. He believes the referee oversaw the match as though it was American football🏈 rather than football⚽. The match saw 11 cards😳, including 2⃣ red cards. Luis Enrique believes the match officials failed in their responsibility to ensure tensions did not boil over😡. He reasoned that the intensity of the match was high but the referee had the obligation to draw the line✋🏻. "When someone oversteps the mark, there should be a referee."

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