F1💬: Verstappen's flaming🔥exit

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A look at the latest happenings in F1🏁 :-

  • Max Verstappen, who will be driving for Torro Rosso in 2016 had to make a hurried exit amid flames🔥 during the New Year's eve fire🔥 that broke out at 'The Address' hotel in UAE. Max was apparently having dinner with his girlfriend nearby the hotel. He describes the experience as pretty scary😱.
  • Force 🇮🇳 deputy Team Principal Bob Fernley has made it clear that he won't stand in the way of Nico Hulkenburg if a bigger team came in with an offer💰 for the German. Hulkenburg had signed a 2⃣ year contract with Force India in 2015.
  • Formula One's🏁 tyre suppliers Pirelli have made it clear that they want faster tyre degradation😳 this year leading to higher number of pit stops. Now, that will be interesting😅.

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