God to be sued😳 in Legon❓

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On the eve of Valentine❤, something big👊🏻 is going to happen. Theatre is gaining formidable grounds in Ghana and playwright📝, Kobina Ansah has taken it to another level. He brings another romantic comedy❤😂, ‘I Want To Sue God!’😳. He revealed that the satire mocks😜 how we blame God for almost every misfortune😁 in our lives when we are indeed the cause.
In I Want To Sue God!, Bishop Akpanya, General Overseer of The 13 Apostles Divine👼🏾 Ministry, prophesies the union💍 between Kekeli and Arhinfoa the chorister. After throwing a lavish party🎉 of a wedding, Kekeli uncovers that his “heaven sent” wife, on whom w'apra ne kapr3 nyinaa aware no😌, is exactly opposite what he had imagined😳. She’s everything but a wife. Decision🤔? Someone needs to be sued!😠

Date: 13th February, 2016
Venue: Central Cafeteria on University of Ghana campus🏤

First show is at 4⃣pm. Second show is at 7⃣pmType a message

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