Indecent Exposure❓😍 Gayle suing FairFax Media🙆

The storm🌪 surrounding West Indian batsman Chris Gayle😍 shows no sign of dissipating after fresh reports📝 of his indecent behaviour towards women emerged🙆. Gayle😍 was fined $10000💰 after an interview📺 with reporter Mel McLuaghlin on Tuesday wherein he asked her out. Fairfax Media, a huge media📺 company in AUS & NZ, have come out with a story where they allege that Gayle exposed👙 himself indecently to a female reporter📝 who was working around the West Indian team during last year's world cup🏆. Gayle has strongly denied❌ the reports and have engaged the services of a lawyer to sue the media firm📺, who are standing by their story.