Aamir Khan

Bachchan new Incredible 🇮🇳 ambassador❗

Amitabh Bachchan has been selected as Incredible India’s🇮🇳 new brand ambassador, succeeding Aamir Khan😎. There were false reports📋 circulating on Wednesday saying that Aamir Khan was ‘removed’❌ as Incredible India’s brand ambassador due to his comments💬 on intolerance in Nov. Fortunately😓, the tourism minister clarified that it was …

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Incredible Coincidence😜 Aamir's contract⛔️❗

There was a lot of speculation ☝️concerning Aamir Khan being removed as the brand ambassador of the Incredible India 🇮🇳 campaign under the Tourism Ministry. However Mahesh Sharma clarified his ministry's stand, saying that the Aamir's intolerance remarks 📢 were a 'non-issue', but the contract 📝 with the advertising agency which featured Aamir …

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