Game of Thrones Delay: Natalie talks❗️

The "Game of Thrones" 📺 series has caught up with the books 📖 but unfortunately George R. R. Martin has not been able to finish his 6⃣th book in time. GoT star ⭐ Natalie Dormer who plays Queen Margaery Tyrell was asked how she felt about this development, Dormer said that they …

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Miley skips performance for Liam❓

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's 👫 rekindled romance ❤ seems to be going pretty well. Miley was expected to perform 🎤at a party 🎉 in honour of her gay rights anthem🎵, "Hands of Love", from the film 🎥 "Freeheld". However Miley couldn't make it back to Los Angeles as she she was still in …

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How PeeCee 🏆 prepared for her big night 😏 ❓

Award-winning actress Priyanka Chopra certainly had butterflies for the People's Choice Awards . PeeCee found the best solution to prepare for this event. It is food. Yes, Priyanka munched on a burger 🍔 while fully made up to help prepare herself for this big night. 🙌.

Being a Hollywood and Bollywood star can't …

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Netflix📺 launched‼ Plans from ₹500❗

On Wednesday, the U.S🇺🇸.-based movie🎥 streaming company, Netflix📺, launched its services in 🇮🇳 with plans beginning at 💵₹500 per month, in accordance with its global expansion plans, causing its shares to go up🔺 by 5.5% at $113.60. They will also offer plans at ₹650 & ₹800. Netflix📺 aims …

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Breaking 📰: Priyanka wins Hollywood 🏆 award👍🏽

Moments ago, Priyanka Chopra 😍 won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Actress In A New TV Series❗️The award 🏆comes for her portrayal of an FBI cadet in the popular Hollywood series Quantico. Priyanka looked stunning for the event, held in Hollywood 🎥.

PeeCee - it was just a matter of time …

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