Mumbai: 0⃣- drunk🍾 driving 🚘 policy❓

  |   India News

The Bombay🌃 HC has asked that the Centre amend section 185 of the Motor Vehicles Act🚗, which deals with drink-driving saying, “There is no reason why any person who has had any amount (of liquor) to drink🍷 should be permitted to drive at all.” Wanting to remove the criterion of having 30mg of alcohol🍺 per 💯ml of blood in the sample taken from a driver against whom an offence can be registered. It said that citizens need to act responsibly even though eateries🍔 are open till 1.30 am and the state government recently permitted New Year🎇 parties to carry on till 5am. The court🏤 said, “Mere presence of alcohol🍹 in blood should be, in our view, sufficient to dis-entitle the person from driving. This would go a long way in ensuring safety on our roads, apart from lessening the forensic burden on enforcement agencies.”

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