A solution for greying hair👴🏽❓

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On Tuesday, at the 103rd Indian Science⚗ Congress at a symposium on indigenous approach to psychology, IAS officer Rajeev Sharma blew a ‘holy’ conch🐚 for around 2 minutes so that he could cure psychosomatic disorders⁉ Citing Einstein, Sharma said, “most problems in universe🌌 have simple solutions.” The benefits of the shankh-naad🐚 (blowing of the conch) are manifold, according to Sharma, it provides "excellent exercise for rectal muscles🍑, prostrate, urinary tract, lower abdomen, diaphragm, chest and neck muscles💪." The increase in blood flow even turns “white👴🏽 hair to black👨🏻.” He even quoted PM Modi✌ saying that we have to use tradition to find sustainable solutions. Sharma also thanked🙏 the president of Anthropological and Behavioural Sciences section, NK Saksena, for allowing him to present it despite "knowing the nature of the topic.'' Finally we have a solution to 🇮🇳's complex health problems.

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