F1💬: McLaren great passes away💐

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  • McLaren🏎 chief Ron Dennis has led the tributes💐 for Tyler Alexander after he passed away at the age of 75. Tyler Alexander has worked with McLaren since it's early days and has been the key figure👌 behind the racing giant's many a successful campaign👍. McLaren driver Jenson Button has led a series of tributes💐 from other F1🏁 drivers, including former McLaren drivers Kevin Magnussen and Heikki Kovalainen. RIP Tyler.
  • Force 🇮🇳 are targeting a top four finish in 2017 when Formula 1's🏁 rules will undergo major changes🔄, creating a level playing field, according to deputy team principal Bob Fernley.
  • The four-time world champion🏆 Sebastian Vettel believes the consistency Ferrari showed in 2015 is a better sign for its future than his 3⃣ race victories🏁 and hopes to lead the team back to their glory days✨.

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