RIP 📞 Number: Long live FB Messenger💬❗️

  |   Tech News

Facebook’s Messenger💬 app has surpassed 800 million users👥 worldwide🌍! Messenger’s boss, David Marcus, calls it “the disappearance of the phone📱 number,” talking about the ability to send messages and make calls via Facebook👤 instead of an actual phone number. Marcus also spoke about the innovative virtual assistant🤖 Facebook is building into the Messenger product to help users manage their schedules and shop online. CEO👔 Mark Zuckerberg also said his 2016 goal will be to build a JARVIS-styled🤖 AI butler for his house. Messenger’s growth might be slowing as it took it longer to push from 700 to 800 million than it did to jump from 500 to 600 million users👥, but with the advances it’s making with Free Basics, the rate should rise📈 soon.

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