USA🇺🇸 blind to Pak🇵🇰 terrorism❓

  |   India News

Several US🇺🇸 leaders & lawmakers issued statements💬 supporting 🇮🇳's sufferance against Pak🇵🇰 during the terrorist attacks on Indian assets in Pathankot & Afghanistan. But Washington is showing no signs that it would hold Pak🇵🇰 accountable for its continued backing👍 of terrorism☠ and is still going to ‘gift🎁’ Gen. Raheel Sharif with a lot of military toys including 8 F-16 fighters✈. Some US lawmakers have called for a revaluation of Pak military aid💰 if its hand is proven in the Pathankot attack💥, but the threat seems weak seeing as Pak had even accommodated Osama👳🏽 for so long. But Washington, for years, has given billions💰 to bankroll Pakistan's military bullies and helping kill Indian and even American soldiers💂 in Afghanistan. No one knows what USA🇺🇸 is up to, right now, all we can do is hope that the Pak govt. follows up on its promise to tackle terrorism☠ within its borders.

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