Knives🔪 await Suarez at Espanyol⁉

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After the latest controversy involving Barca🔷 striker Suarez at the Barca-Espanyol Copa del Rey🏆 tie at the Nou Camp, which saw 2⃣ Espanyol players get sent off and a bust up👊 in the players tunnel between Suarez and Espanyol players, Espanyol coach👔 Constantin Galca wants his players to come face-to-face😠 with the Uruguayan on the pitch in the second leg 'with a knife🔪 between their teeth'. Galca has said🔈 that he doesn't want the Barca striker banned🚫, but wants to see his side take him on in the return leg.
In the referee's report📝 of the game, Suarez is noted to have said: "I’m waiting for you, come here! You’re a waste of space 😳 " to Espanyol players in the tunnel. He also mentioned that Espanyol player Diop had insulted Suarez's mother.

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