Modi✌ confused about Pak🇵🇰❓

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It appears that the Pak🇵🇰 Army and ISI👁 don’t want peace efforts, which seem to be consistent with their moves in past years. The attacks🔫 have warned their own 🇵🇰govt. against the peace moves and destroyed 🇮🇳's efforts to reduce the temperature 🌡on both sides. On the plus side, the terrorists☠ didn’t manage to blow up the aircraft at Pathankot, which was their apparent target. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that the Modi✌ government is quite confused on how it wants to go about dealing with Pak🇵🇰. Monday’s meeting in Delhi🌆 of Abdul Basit, Pakistan’s High Commissioner in 🇮🇳 with the top Kashmiri separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, has sent out wrong signals too. The Modi✌ government needs to be absolutely clear on its terms of engagement in dealing with Pak🇵🇰. The focus of which should be to have a clear-cut✂ Kashmir and Pakistan policy.

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