Poll Results📊: Which club is ideal for Pep ❓

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We asked the readers which club would be ideal👌 for Pep Guardiola to take over in England🇬🇧 after he confirmed he is moving to the EPL. Looks like most of the readers agree that Manchester United♦ is the ideal club for Pep👍, given their uncertainty with LvG and his playing style. Surprisingly, readers think Chelsea🔵 are a better fit for Pep than Man City who are believed to be front runners for his signature✍.

🎯 Poll results: Which club is ideal for Pep ❓

(Result in percent)

1⃣6⃣: Arsenal

3⃣6⃣: Manchester United 👏

2⃣1⃣: Manchester City

2⃣7⃣: Chelsea

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