Gurdaspur: Manhunt🔎 for 2 terrorists💀❗

  |   India News

On Thursday, after locals reported 2⃣ suspicious men dressed in military fatigues, security personnel👮🏻 including a SWAT team surrounded Pandher village in Punjab to apprehend 2⃣ suspected terrorists💀. The men took cover in a sugarcane field when they were confronted by villagers. Punjab Police deputy inspector general said💬, “We are not taking any chances. We are not ruling out anything. Aerial surveillance✈ and troop movement is on.” Sources say that a drone🛩 equipped with thermal🔥 imaging helped to locate their position🎯 and police teams came in by Thursday afternoon, along with a helicopter🚁 for surveillance. Pandher is 20km from the border and very close to Tibri military cantonment.

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